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Personalized Themes, Real-time Inventory Tracking and Revenue Boosting Strategies
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Enhanced Customer Experience
Ordea's click & collect platform offers seamless and convenient online ordering, enabling customers to easily place orders and choose their preferred pickup or delivery options.
Customizable Branding
Ordea allows businesses to customize their platform's theme to match their brand's look and feel.

This creates a cohesive and professional online presence, reinforcing brand identity and recognition among customers.
Efficient Inventory Tracking
Ordea's inventory tracking system helps businesses keep track of their stock levels in real-time, ensuring accurate inventory management and minimizing the risk of overselling or stockouts
What our customers are saying
Before using Ordea, trying to sell my food was a nightmare - sorting through DMs and spreadsheets etc. Now I’ve freed up so much time! I just set my menu, stock and availability, let people know on Instagram then focus on cooking, my life is much easier!
It’s been several weeks since the Ordea ordering platform was incorporated into the business and we have been more than pleased with the initial results.

The system is quick and efficient and allows business owners to have ultimate control over their ordering platform from management of delivery and collections to creating individualised new  options.

The system has worked well for our business and has contributed to service running more efficiently and smoothly and orders being met in a timely manner
I would recommend!
Ordea has been a great investment for our business. Its simple and easy to use interface has made for quick and easy ordering for our customers, facilitating Apple Pay and Google Pay for super fast checkouts.

The biggest gain however has been in the organising of our orders and stock, allowing us to really increase our efficiency whilst we grow our business.
Clean. Simple.
Seamless Ordering Experience
  • Customer interface built with simplicity in mind
  • Avoids confusion - your customers can order what they want with a familiar, modern user experience
  • Fast and responsive - from opening a link in your bio or scanning a QR code at the table they can be on their way to ordering within seconds
  • All terms, conditions, privacy policy and secure payment information displayed to your customers, ensuring they feel safe and secure 🔑
Takes Orders and Payments
Saves both you and your customers time and effort
- supports Card, Apple Pay and Google Pay
First Class Inventory Management
Never sell more than you have again with our advanced inventory management
Keeps track of your top level menu items as well as the various ingredients that make them up, so customers can only reserve what's in stock
Your Brand and Personality
We will work with you to create a theme that reflects your brand, getting your unique identity across - you're not like everyone else so why should you look like it
Your Own Space
Your own online presence, no more sharing store space with competitors. You can send your existing and new customers to your own store, without risking their attention being hooked by a competitor
"Saves me so much time and really allowed me to scale up my business"
Ranvir Bansal - Ranv's Rasoi
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£49.99 /mo
Recommended for most small to medium sized businesses
Advanced inventory management
Bespoke theme to get your chosen brand across
Delivery pricing based on distance
Timeslot and asap based orders
Up to 2000 orders a week
Up to 2 different venues
Up to 300 different products
2 social media posts to market your new ordering system
Pack of branded QR code stickers to place on tables for Covid safe table ordering
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Everything in Standard
Process as many orders as you need
Additional venues based on your requirements
Unlimited number of products
Social media posts for each different venue's social media account
Branded QR codes for each additional venue
We can provide you with a branding solution - logo design, assets etc